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KIU Basketball fans honoured


By Isaac Akugizibwe

The Management of KIU basketball clubs, KIU Titans and Rangers yesterday 7th December 2022 awarded a couple of gifts to the 10 most loyal fans of the 2022 season. Among the fans that received gifts was the president of the KIU basketball fans association, Fahad Kyazze.

Nasser Serunjogi, the president of KIU basketball clubs, said his team based on regular attendance as well as data provided by the KIU basketball fans association chairman to come with the 10 most loyal fans of the Season.

"But also many of them are noticed during games," he said.

These awards were the first of the kind for KIU basketball and in NBL. According to Mr.Serujongi, the purpose of the awards was to simply appreciate the fans for their unwavering support for both the Titans and Rangers.

"The main purpose is to appreciate them for their support. They do a lot in motivating our teams so it is important that as management we also give back in appreciation," he said.

The jubilant KIU fans expressed gratitude towards the management of the  KIU basketball franchise for thinking about them when they least expected.

"We feel honoured and appreciated by the team management," Fahad Kyazze, the president of the KIU basketball fans association told this website.

"I couldn't attend in person but I have received my gift and I am humbled. Thanks, management for thinking about us," Dornum Amumpaire wrote on the fan's social media platform.

It is hoped that awards will help boost the morale of KIU basketball fans as well as making them feel recognized by the Club's management.

"First of all, a fan realizes that he is part of the team and also he or she gets to know that the team acknowledges his or her support. Actually we are going to have more fans getting the same," Kyazze Fahad noted.

Even the other fans who did not make it to the top 10 were equally grateful and appreciative of the Club's move to recognize the fans' role.

"Wow this was amazing am so happy for you guys and Avery big thank you to the management for being so thoughtful about us," one fan only identified as Sharon wrote on the fans' social media.

However, this is just the beginning for KIU basketball as management has so many other big plans for the fans of both KIU Titans and Rangers.

"We have many strategies in place like giving out shirts and replica jerseys during the season. We also have a plan to register all our fans such that we keep them updated on what goes on at the club all the time. We have a target of registering 1000 fans over a period of time," KIU basketball president, Nasser Serunjogi confirmed.

Serunjogi assured the fans that, "Our teams will  compete for the NBL championship both Men and Women next season."