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KIU beats Makerere University to win 'Unwanted Witness privacy Moot'


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-KIU continued with its imperious performance in legal competitions when they beat Makerere University in the Inter University Unwanted Witness privacy moot' on Friday.

KIU's finalist Jonathan Areeba once again proved why he is considered the best mooter in East Africa as he claimed the best Oralist award as well as leading KIU to victory.

KIU has had the best run in moot competitions in the last half of the decade and Friday's victory simply adds to their glorious collection while beating Makerere University at their campus is enough proof that the explorers are settling for nothing less than conquering the legal throne.

Jonathan Areeba might have been a bit quiet in 2022 but Friday's unbeatable performance proves he is not sleeping and only shows how great a mooter KIU has. He always strives for the best.

" I feel very happy, it is a dream come true," Areeba said after being announced champion.

"I have always desired to achieve that award," he added.

Comfort Ndagire and Hemed Swaleh were the trainers behind this team, a commitment that saw them sacrifice their valuable time to ensure that the explorers return home with victory.

"I wish to thank my teammate Marion and our trainers who have relentlessly trained us that is miss Comfort Ndagire Vanessa and Swalleh Hemed Wengo I know very well that my success is equally theirs," Areeba acknowledged.

Leading the winning team was the man who hates to associate with failure. Justice Ochieng, the interim moot Coordinator remarked before the competition on Thursday that he always wins and never fails to win. Indeed he stood by his word and he is excited.

"I am extremely happy, so happy. First of all, I want to thank my team. They have made me proud as well as KIU," Justice Ochieng remarked.

He attributed the team's victory to hardwork, persistence, resilience, and self-belief.

"Surely, we won because we deserved to win. It was through persistence, resilience, and hardwork. We had sleepless nights preparing for this," he disclosed.

Apart from Jonathan Areeba's exploits, his teammate Marion Akankwasa was equally extraordinary in her submission and their combination made team KIU unbeatable in Friday's moot final.