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KIU Book Club: HE-Motions by Bishop T.D.Jakes


By Roger Wanambwa 

KIU, Main Campus - Nowadays we have concentrated so much on the struggles that the female gender goes through that we have almost forgotten that even men go through tough times. It is from this background that Bishop T.D.Jakes comes from and exegetically brings the life of men to the forefront. 

He uses simple examples of himself, from the Bible and of other men to bring out the subject at hand, that 'Even strong men struggle." That it is important for both men and women to face this fact and come up with a plan to better the lives of men and of course inadvertently, the lives of women too. 

We cannot neglect the path our men are taking and expect them to just magically live up to perceptions. Men also need space at home, at school, at work and so on. This should be made a normalcy in both women's and men's lives. 

Through this book, Bishop Jakes shows both sexes how to understand men (apparently, men do not even understand themselves) and with that to learn how to cultivate a good environment for nurturing everyone's dreams until they become a reality. 

This is a great read. 

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