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KIU Book Club: How to Stay Sane by Phillipa Perry


KIU, Western Campus – If there is a time when you ever needed to read this book, it is now.

Following President Yoweri Museveni’s decision to keep educational institutions closed for a further 60 days, it is really hard for many students to stay sane now.

But Perry’s book will give you the encouragement and support you need to take care of your mental health and well, stay sane.

Everyone accepts the importance of physical health; isn't it just as important to aim for the mental equivalent? Philippa Perry has come to the rescue with How to Stay Sane -- a maintenance manual for the mind.

Years of working as a psychotherapist showed Philippa Perry what approaches produced positive change in her clients and how best to maintain good mental health. 

In How to Stay Sane, she has taken these principles and applied them to self-help. Using ideas from neuroscience and sound psychological theory, she shows us how to better understand ourselves. 

Her idea is that if we know how our minds form and develop, we are less at the mercy of unknown unconscious processes. In this way, we can learn to be the master of our feelings and not their slave.

This is a smart, pithy, readable book that everyone with even a passing interest in their psychological health will find useful.

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