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KIU Book Club: The Smokejumper by Nicholas Evans


KIU, Western Campus – This is a novel that will have you turning pages at a very fast rate and shedding tears at the same speed. When I first read it (I have re-read it over five times), I couldn’t believe that there are human beings capable of doing what Connor Ford did.

I strongly recommend whoever reads this review to rush and buy a copy of this book (yes its available in Ugandan book stores) lest you miss out on what I believe is one of the best books ever written by a human being. You will surely get your money’s worth or more.

In a searing novel of love and loyalty, guilt and honour, the acclaimed author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Horse Whisperer gives his millions of readers another hero…

His name is Connor Ford and he falls like an angel of mercy from the sky, braving the flames to save the woman he loves but knows he cannot have. For Julia Bishop is the partner of his best friend and fellow “smoke jumper,” Ed Tully. Julia loves them both–until a fiery tragedy on Montana’s Snake Mountain forces her to choose between them, and burns a brand on all their hearts.

In the wake of the fire, Connor embarks on a harrowing journey to the edge of human experience, travelling the world’s worst wars and disasters to take photographs that find him fame but never happiness. Reckless of a life he no longer wants, again and again, he dares death to take him, until another fateful day on another continent, he must walk through fire once more…

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