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KIU Book Club: Wanambwa Reviews Dr. Miles Monroe's Uncover Your Potential


KIU, Main Campus – Roger Wanambwa, a final year student at KIU, has read over 50 books since January, 2020. Wanambwa, who is also the former President of the KIU Writers Club is famous for completing his own 100 day, 100 blogs challenge on his blog, A feat that no other student in his writers club has accomplished. 

In effort to encourage his peers to read more and practice their writing, the book reading enthusiast will review “Uncover Your Potential,” by Dr. Miles Munroe:

In this book, Dr. Miles Munroe shows us that we all have great potential within us. As we read the book we learn that it’s up to us to unleash it and positively impart the world. He puts it bluntly that you can not settle for less and then whine about the unfairness of the world when you have a world of potential sitting dormant inside you.

The author challenges readers to use that potential inside them to change their surrounding. 

What are you doing today?

During or after this COVID-19 quarantine period, what are you offering or what are you going to offer your community? Is it food to the hungry or tutoring the neighbors' kids? Are you finally going to partner with some trusted friends and start that business that will change your lives and your community? 

It is imperative that you stop undermining yourself and how much you have to offer and do something. We're in a perfect situation right now. Everyone is home meaning you have the same chances of coming up with an idea as much as your neighbor. 

Of course the book gives you much more insight into what to do with yourself. A great read. 


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