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KIU Business Desk: Apple Launches iPhone 13


Daily Mail

After months of anticipation, Apple has finally given the world the first look at its new iPhone 13 during its annual product event hosted live from its headquarters in Cupertino, California.

The 6.1-inch smartphone keeps the sleek design and ceramic front shield as its predecessor, but now boasts a diagonal camera lens design for the new dual system. 

The camera system captures 47 percent more light in a scene and includes the sensor-shift stabilisation that helps counterbalance any movement within the camera to take focused shots.

One of the latest and many iPhone 13 rumors said the smartphone would launch in a new pink color and that is what users can purchase - the new shade is also available for the iPhone 13 mini.

Customers can also purchase the iPhone 13 in blue, 'midnight,' 'starlight' and product red.

However, the largest upgrade is an increase in battery life: the iPhone 13 provides 2.5 more hours than the iPhone 12 and the iPhone mini gets 1.5 extra hours of power. 

The new iPhone 13 is not a completely redesigned Apple smartphone but includes subtle changes that improve performance and user experience. 

For example, the Face ID notch is 20 percent smaller than what is featured on the iPhone 12.

The latest device is also powered by Apple's new A15 Bionic Chip, the iPhone 13 includes an up to 50 percent faster CPU than the competition, along with delivering up to 30 percent faster graphics. 

The iPhone 13 has six cores and a specialized portion for running artificial intelligence algorithms. 

And the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini both have larger batteries to give them more power than their predecessors.

 The biggest change, which seems to come with each new iPhone, is the upgraded dual-camera system, with one camera having a larger sensor for a wider camera. 

And the other lens is an ultra-wide lens.

One of the camera improvements is a new 'cinematic mode' that can hold focus on a moving subject, allowing users to create movies that looks like it should be on the big screen.

The iPhone 13 mini costs $699 and the iPhone 13 costs $799, which is the same prices as last year. 

Some rumors leading up to the event speculated that the new devices could cost more due to the lingering chip shortage. 

But, the smartphones now start with 128GB of storage space, an increase over last year. 

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