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By Isaac Akugizibwe 

KIU MAIN CAMPUS-KIU’s new Chancellor Prof. Yunus Mgaya today February 3rd, 2023 visited the Main Campus in Kansanga where he held a meeting with the University’s administrators in the Senate Boardroom.

In his speech to the administrators, Prof. Mgaya highlighted the importance of university education to individuals and society as a whole. He noted that the ever-changing wage or salary gap is increasingly favoring those with a university degree and beyond.

"Let us look at other arguments that one should put forward, why should we continue to invest in higher education. There are very valid reasons. As a parent, one should know that there is a serious wage gap between people who have a university degree and those without a degree. This gap is projected to grow. So if you are a young person, and you are aware of this, you would want to get your degree such that when the gap widens, you are in the high salary earners group, the well-paid individuals," he said.

"When considering the value of university education, it is important to look at the big picture. And of a lifetime, those with a degree simply earn more whether that is money, benefits or both,’’ he added

He also said that the future requires well-educated people who can operate the ever-growing artificial intelligence.

"I was happy to learn that there is an Artificial Intelligence group here from the School of Mathematics and Computing which is a great signal for the University. So Make artificial intelligence very infectious, get everyone to know what artificial intelligence can do,’’ he advised.

Prof.Mgaya advised the administrators in charge of academics to consider the implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution while reviewing the curriculum.

"So when you review your curriculum bear in mind that you need to accept this fourth Fourth Industrial Revolution and position yourself accordingly. As a university, we would like to produce graduates that are well-rounded. If you are an engineer, you should be an engineer with some soft skills,’’ he said.

‘’I don’t know whether students are aware that universities teach them how to think. Some would think that they are here to read for the exams, get the degree and go. Let us make our teaching transformative, let us shift the role from lecturer centered to student-centered,’’ he noted.

The new chancellor also hinted at bringing the Alumni community together and closer to the University. He highlighted that a strong Alumni network can go a long way in the job search and mentorship opportunities for continuing students.

Dr. Prisca Tibenderana the Chief University Librarian, Kampala International University, welcomed the Chancellor and promised to work with him especially in the areas of research to make KIU shine.

“We look forward to working with you, especially in research, and also tapping on your knowledge and networks to make sure KIU explores more height and becomes number one in East Africa.”