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KIU Communications Student, Sunday Mathew aka MC Banks, Discovers Antidote to Stress



By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - There existed no popular stress-healing spot for university students in arguably Uganda's home of happiness, Kansanga, on a Thursday night until there emerged an enthusiastic entertainer with a thrilling musical showpiece dubbed, 'Campus Night'. 

Sunday Mathew aka MC Banks, a microphone enthusiast, is the main host of Campus Night at Cas Bar Kansanga - an event that attracts a mamoth of students every Thursday evening. Since the inception of the event in December 2021, MC Banks has turned Cas Bar Kansanga into a one-stop center for ecstacy, fun, happiness, and relief for university students in Kampala City.

MC Banks has been considered a carrier of hope and happiness for many at KIU and elsewhere ever since he launched the Campus Night show at Cas Bar, which is now arguably the most popular night-life spot along Ggaba Road.

He admitted that the success of Campus Night is due to the efforts that he and his team have invested in marketing it regularly while keeping the audience aware and engaged. He does the publicity of his show whole heartedly throughout all the available platforms including notice boards. 

"I don't think there is anything else that has kept us shining and growing big than the power of marketing. We have always endeavored to keep the audience aware of everything that transpires every week that comes," he said.

He added that the fact that his message rhymed with the interests of the audience was an added advantage. He said that his main job was to deliver happiness and relief to students and other party goers.

"Another important thing is that our message goes to the rightful and ready audience, the students and party goers, and those folk that are looking for fun and relief from the stress of books and other daily activities," he said.

Apart from giving students an atmosphere of relief, MC Banks uses his Campus Night platform to promote young talents. Upcoming musicians, comedians, and emcees have always had chance to prove their worth on Thursdays courtesy of MC Banks.

"MC Banks gives us a favourable platform to exploit our talents. He always hosts us during his show where he gives us chance to perform before crowds," Farouk Kayz, a member of staff turned musician and former student at KIU said.

"I am very grateful with what Banks and Cas Bar are doing for us. Surely they have kept us relieved since the end of the lockdown," he added.

He has also used his talent and platform to promote his foundation, Talent Initiative Uganda (TIU), which is aimed at helping the youth to discover and exploit their talents in various spheres of life. 

Besides promoting talents as the core cause of his TIU, MC Banks earns a penny from his master of ceremonies performance during Campus Night. To him, there is nothing sweeter than earning while practicing your talent.

"Many of my colleagues are so shy to express their talents. Majority tend to fear public judgement especially doing your thing in a bar environment. They forget to use the available platforms. Such individuals may never taste the sweetness of earning from a talent or passion," he explained.

When KIU students first returned from a tumultuous two-year COVID-19 lockdown in early January, there was worry from authorities that they had carried too much stress with them that required a quick remedy. Little did they know that there would emerge a messiah who would easily and smoothly wash away all the stress faced by the students. A messiah in the names of MC Banks. The rest is history.