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KIU Community Sends Birthday Wishes to PRO Alex Busingye


On behalf of the KIU Community, we would like to wish a Happy Birthday to one of the great minds and pillars in the Directorate of Marketing & Public Relations at KIU, Alex Busingye. This is a day of celebration and we give thanks for having him in our lives.

Alex gains his inspiration from stepping out of his comfort zone, exploring new and vibrant cultures, and opening himself up to different ways of thinking. He leads his team by example and by default a great inspiration to many. His work ethic and way of treating people are commendable because he is a great team player and is always inclusive of everyone. Having him as part of the Marketing and Public Relations team, as well as the community, makes a great difference; from the knowledge he imparts, to the outstanding patience, consistency, guidance, wisdom, and grace he carries within.

We wish him a lifetime full of success, because a person as dedicated, focused, and amazing as him deserves all of their dreams to come true.


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