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KIU Conducts a Lecture on Innovation.


KIU, Main Campus -  On 5th March 2020, Kampala International University (KIU), under the Office of the Directorate of Research, Innovations, Consultancy, and Extensions conducted a lecture on "Innovation. Disrupt. Sustain" for both her staff and students.

The purpose of the lecture was to educate the staff and students on how to use intellectual property and achieve the best innovation, and also how to help the government in tackling unemployment through innovations by creating product and technology.

The lecture was facilitated by Ranen Das founder of Ixora Tech Consulting Services Ltd India.

Ranen Das said that in innovation, collaboration is very important and working alone isn't advisable. He encouraged the audience to always identify the problems faced by people and find a way of solving it.

He also stated that societal problems can be addressed using design thinking, where one has to discover, define, and deliver.

According to Abass Akindapo, a member of staff at the E-learning Department at the University, the lecture was quite interesting and he further hopes to implement the knowledge he has gained on this lecture to further his career.

Ruth Kanyana, a masters student of Physics, says that besides her being a physician, she has been able to learn that one always has to start from scratch to solve a problem, and that it's a development process.

She was thankful to the organisers because this enabled her to interact with people from different fields.