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KIU Cultural gala brought Excitement, Jubilation and Re-Union


By Nicole Munezero

KIU, Main Campus-After two good years without holding the Cultural Gala due to COVID-19, Kampala International University is back to the old days after successfully hosting the 2023 Cultural gala on Saturday. The annual event has left students excited and once again, feeling elated.

This year’s Cultural Gala was something that most of the students looked forward to having heard some fascinating stories from the old girls and boys of this university about how this event used to be interesting and how it makes everyone’s tribe or cultural practices special from the rest.

 The active participants will keep Saturday's memories for life and will always have a story to tell about how they represented their heritage and to the judges, this will be an honour never to forget for it is never easy to be given the opportunity to officiate at such a big event organised by the leading Private University in East Africa.

It communicates a big message through dances and the traditional foods eaten by different people. Everyone felt proud of their motherland, and the judges were quick to ask everyone present on Saturday to atleast have their origin, feel proud of who they are because whatever thing one does portrays the reality.

To the other group of students who recently joined the University, the Cultural gala has left them feeling, they are now home.  The cultural gala is proof that KIU appreciates cultural diversity. There is no special tribe and each one is allowed to express their traditions freely.

In a nutshell, most of the students showed their excitement through active participation and others passively by cheering but in the end, everything rotated around appreciating and celebrating Unity in diversity.