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KIU Cultural Gala: The Most Anticipated Event of the Year


KIU, Main Campus - On 14th March 2020, Kampala International University held its Annual Cultural Festival, The Cultural Gala, under the theme "Beauty and Respect for Traditional Cultures."

The purpose of this annual event is to celebrate the diverse cultures and traditions within Uganda and international countries.

The activities of the Cultural Gala ranged from the Set Piece of the KIU Anthem, to the traditional dances performed by various cultural students' associations.

The students had been practicing these activities in their different groups quite vigorously, till the eve of the event when activity, tension, and excitement reached its peak amongst the set participants.

According to Abaho Sandra, Chairperson Ministry of Culture, Entertainment and Religion on the KIU Guild Union, the Guest of Honor invited to grace the event was none other than the Minister for Veterans, Hon. Kibanzanga Christopher.

She also said that only 28 associations were to participate in the Gala out of the 30, due to the low numbers of participants in the remaining two.

"The Burundians and Zambians couldn't participate because they had a smaller population which wouldn't let them be part of the event," she said.

She further encouraged all students to embrace their cultures because it's their true identity.

"Students needed to attend this event and participate in it because it's their true identity and our roots should be lost to none," she said in an interview.

The event was celebrated peacefully and harmoniously.