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KIU Embarks on Quality Supervision of Postgraduate Research


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-The Directorate of Higher Degrees And Research (DHDR) on Wednesday 6th September 2023 organised the first of its kind Postgraduate Research Supervisors breakfast meeting held in the senate Boardroom in the Iddi Basajjabalaba Memorial Library to improve the quality of supervision for both masters and Ph.D. students.

The breakfast meeting ran under the theme: “Quality Supervision of Postgraduate Research", and was highly attended by senior lecturers from various schools and colleges at KIU.

According to Prof.Israel O. Obaroh, the  Director of Higher Degrees And Research at KIU, the breakfast meeting was meant to reawaken supervisors of both master's and PhD students to ensure quality research and publications.

"The supervisors were taken through the important aspects of supervision and research as per the KIU guidelines," he said.

"This meeting is part of our capacity building sessions which is one of the mandates of DHDR to remind and also sensitise supervisors of both masters and PhD research," he added.

Prof.Obaroh added that, “Besides we have new staff members and those that have recently been promoted and are set to undertake supervision. It is through sessions like this that we introduce them to the KIU research guidelines."

Prof.Obaroh also highlighted the significance of conducting quality supervision to both the supervisor and the student.

"There are so many benefits we can get from quality and innovative research. The first one is grants, others may include free publication in international journals, and collaboration from international partners, among others."

While giving his opening remarks, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, Innovation, Consultancy and Extension, Prof.Durraiz Rehman praised the progress of the Directorate of Higher Degrees And Research, saying,"the DHDR is doing very well."

During the breakfast meeting, Professor Annabella Habinka, an external facilitator from Mbarara University of Science and Technology, stressed the importance of supervisors being readily accessible to support students. She also emphasized the significance of students valuing and making the most of the time they are granted.

"Avail yourself to the student, be readily available every time the student wants to consult you and for you students, never undermine the golden opportunity of being guided because this will help you to become a good deliverable."

"Assist and encourage the student to achieve high scientific quality, independence, and personal responsibility during the dissertation project."

Professor Janice Desire Busingye, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, offered a word of caution and guidance to supervisors, encouraging them to engage in extensive reading and allocate sufficient time to comprehend their students' needs.

"When you are guided by somebody you love, you are going to listen than being guided by a stranger, so let's understand the individual traits of our students," she said.

Wednesday's breakfast meeting is not the first attempt KIU has had towards achieving quality performance in research. The University holds timely workshops for both students and lecturers aimed at enhancing the quality of research at both Postgraduate and undergraduate levels.