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KIU ends the 2022 NBL season in Fourth place


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU Main Campus- Both KIU Titans and Rangers will officially mark the end of the 2022 season with a fourth-place finish after losing third place Playoffs to UCU Canons and KCCA Leopards respectively.

KIU Titans were beaten 69-68 despite winning the first half 38-27 while the Rangers lost 61-71 to KCCA Leopards, a team they had beaten twice in the regular season.

The manner in which KIU lost the third place Playoffs on Sunday evening is not different from what cost them all season long and the coaches will need to do a lot of work, especially on the defensive end of either side if both the Titans and Rangers are to land the NBL trophy next season.

A win on Sunday would have granted either side a bit of relief and a chance to smile as well as convince their already unhappy fans that they are a team to believe in. But all they did was disappoint their beloved fans, those individuals who managed to make it to YMCA even with the prevailing circumstances.

Now that everything to do with the 2022 NBL season is over, it's time for the KIU basketball fraternity to get back to the drawing board and come back stronger next season. And either team is still capable of changing the status quo, should they address the few issues that cost them this season.

However, though disappointed, KIU Titans and Rangers Fans are the most loyal in the league and they too will get back stronger to cheer their teams to Victory next season.