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KIU Explorer of the Day: KIUTSA President Turns to Rabbit Keeping


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Juliet Kasisa Abwooli, President of the KIU Tooro Students Association (KIUTSA) and also a finalist student of Social Work and Social Administration, has resolved to face the world and the new year 2022 head-on. She is restocking her rabbit farm from where she expects to earn a living ahead of graduation in the middle of the year.

About her new year resolution, on Wednesday 5th January 2022, Kasisa admitted that the world was no good place for the lazy and cowards. She said that she is determined to do anything to remain afloat.

"I finished my final exams, now I am ready to face the world. As far as I know, the world is not a good place for cowards and the lazy especially these days," Kasisa remarked.

"I started a small project of rearing rabbits from which I hope to earn a living as I wait for graduation," she added.

It is in the same interview that Kasisa disclosed her investment in rabbits. She started the rabbit farm with only two female rabbits which multiplied to 15 in only 10 months. She is looking at advancing her farm to cater to close to 50 animals in 2022.

She says that keeping rabbits is not a hard enterprise for it requires less capital to start and that looking after the animals only requires better sanitation and a good supply of vegetables and other foods.

"Rabbits are easy to maintain especially in terms of feeding. They feed on greens close to 95% of their time," Kasisa explained.

When mature, Kasisa sells a local breed rabbit at 20,000 a crossbreed at 60,000, and an exotic rabbit at 100,000 Uganda shillings respectively.

However, Kasisa is struggling with the challenge of hostile predators which have so far proved the leading hindrance to the development of her project.

"This is the greatest challenge to my progress. For example, seven out of the fifteen rabbits were eaten by wild dogs and cats by the 10th month," she lamented.

Kasisa appreciated the Tooro Students Association for being supportive of her achievements.

"I appreciate my team their endless support, cooperation, and hard work towards the association and my project despite all the inconveniences caused by COVID-19.

"We have managed to organize some sports activities with other associations in order to strengthen our relationship and visibility. I continue to encourage all students to join the association to meet and engage with colleagues," she said.

Kasisa is confident that joining cultural associations like KIUTSA is essential in creating social capital and promoting culture and other values among students.

Kasisa's term of office as President of KIUTSA is expected to end early in the new year, though her association is yet to declare the dates when new leaders will be elected. This will give her more time to concentrate on her farm.

Her message to the rest of the KIU community is; "Don’t try to be perfect. Just try to be better than you were yesterday.”