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KIU Explorer of the Week: Okwir Successfully Chasing his Dreams Because of KIU Bursary Scheme


KIU, Western Campus – Allan Okwir, a fourth-year Bachelor of Pharmacy student, is successfully chasing his dreams of being a pharmacist thanks to KIU’s bursary scheme.

Okwir, who represents the School of Pharmacy as a Member of Parliament at the Student Guild, is a beneficiary of the 40% bursary the KIU Board of Trustees offers to successful applicants for the scheme.

“KIU offered me a 40% bursary that made the course very affordable and for that, I am very much grateful,” he says.

“That will help me achieve my dream of being a pharmacist because the university has a very good reputation in training arguably the very best pharmacists in the country,” he adds.

Okwir says KIU has met his expectations of giving him a top-class education, meeting new people who improve him, and getting the platform to show his potential and hopes of graduating as a round pharmacist.

He adds that there are some misconceptions people had about KIU as a private institution that he has discovered were misconstrued.

“The facilities they told us don’t exist are there and up to the standards, the lecturers are not skipping classes and they are not few or of low quality, they are well-polished international lecturers and the platform is set for anyone ready to push for what they want to achieve,” he reveals.

Okwir wishes to impact lives with the pharmacy knowledge that he has gotten and to use what he has learnt beyond the lecture rooms to establish structures that form a system that can impact and transform society.

One of his most memorable moments at KIU was in his first year on World Pharmacist Day on 25th, September 2021, when he participated in community service around Ishaka and Basajja towns, which made him feel at home.

He has faced some challenges like having to adapt to so many things most of the time and striking a balance between leadership and academics but adds that he has managed to overcome that very well.

Okwir advises anyone looking for a good university education to follow their heart, keep in mind their financial situation at home and enrol for a course that gives their strength a chance to be maximized.

He is grateful to his father Mr. Fedney Otto Owani, his mother Mrs. Jennifer Acan, Mr. Bashir Bukenya and the Chairman Board of Trustees Al- Hajji Dr. Hassan Basajjabalaba for helping him through university.