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KIU Faculty of Education Successfully Holds 2023 Arts Exhibition


KIU, Western Campus – The KIU Faculty of Education on May 20 successfully concluded their 2023 Arts Exhibition at KIU Western Campus.

The two-day exhibition was held under the theme, “Exploring the Artistic Talents,” and was graced by among others, students and staff from the different faculties and schools, including the  Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) Prof. Frank Mugisha Kaharuza.

Others were the Assistant DVC for Academics and Research Prof. Mikail Umar, the Assistant DVC for Finance and Administration Dr. Mustapha Munduand the Dean of the faculty, Assoc.Prof.Abdul Rahim.

On show were exhibits of sculptures of humans, animals and birds made up of cement, wax, wooden and metal plus drawings and paintings on papers or cloth, charcoal paintings as well as 3D printings of designs on cotton clothes.

The Dean of the Faculty of Education Associate Professor Abdul Rahim was grateful to the university administration for allowing them to hold the exhibition and students for exhibiting good work.

“I would like to thank our top management for giving us the opportunity to exhibit the talent that our art students and staff members possess and I would also like to appreciate the tremendous work carried out by the students and staff members of Arts under the Department of Humanities to bring out this wonderful exhibition,” he told this website.

“Every drawing has its own message to the world, in each sculpture we can see happiness, sorrow, aspirations, their dreams etc. These exhibitions give the opportunity to showcase the inner talent and potential possessed by our students to the outer world and use their talent to even get patents for their specific designs and also to get grants,” he added.

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