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KIU Forum For Ideas Donates To Nsambya Babies' Home


KIU, Main Campus - On Sunday, 15th March 2020, members of the KIU Forum for Ideas (FFI) Association visited Nsambya Babies Home and donated a number of items to over 20 children that are being nursed therein.This was community service done as one of the customary practices carried out by the forum since its inception six years ago.

Forum for Ideas (FFI) is a student think tank based at the KIU Main Campus, that brings together students of different academic fields with a common goal of sharing and developing ideas through debates, writing, reading, and other intellectual engagements.

Led by their Principal Coordinator, Winnie Kabaliisa, the FFI members donated food, fruits, sugar, clothes, and other items to the children. 

According to Winnie, donating to the less privileged kids creates a sense of fulfilment, not only to the receivers, but also to the members of the Forum who also act as a channel for people and organizations to give back to society.

''When we give to the less privileged, it brings a sense of belonging to them and also us as members of the forum,'' Winnie said,  ''It is a privilege that we have got a chance to also contribute towards reviving and reaffirming hope at Nsambya Babies home.''

Baryamujura Mahad, the Public Relations Officer for FFI explained that the association aims at carrying out various activities including community service, nurturing and training of individuals into leaders, and observation of academic excellence of all who belong to the association.

"We carry out community service every semester to give back to society. We search for the less disadvantaged in society and contribute to their cause at least once every semester," Mahad said, "This time round, the Executive body of FFI found it best to visit the Nsambya Babies' Home."

Mahad added that the value of humanity is in giving back to society, and further urged the members of the KIU Community and beyond to uphold the culture of helping each other.

St. Mary Nabugwewo, The Head Custodian at Nsambya Babies Home appreciated the works of the members of FFI. 

''We highly and humbly appreciate what KIU has always done for us,'' she said. 

She added that the generosity of KIU through FFI remains immeasurable and can be compared to nothing else but love and care.

The team was presented with a certificate of appreciation, in recognition of their distinguished services as a donor to child welfare and adoption society of Nsambya Babies' Home.