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KIU Forum for Ideas Harnesses Fun at the Gym


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Members of Forum for Ideas took to the gym on Saturday 29th May after almost a year without going for one of their most exciting customary activities, the fitness day out - frequently referred to as the gym activity.

Led by Principal Coordinator Joseph Kalyango, the intellectual family members turned up at Azmarino gym in Kansanga to do a series of aerobic exercises by the Gym instructor only identified as Zaga.

Apart from being a customary activity for the Forum for Ideas, visiting the gym is meant to promote physical fitness among the forum members and also use it as a platform to create a bond between the members. According to Kalyango, visiting the gym is a mandatory activity for each member of the Forum.

"Visiting the gym is one of our customary activities carried out once in a semester and it is mandatory for all members to attend in person," Kalyango said.

He added that the members are encouraged to keep practicing the aerobics in their respective rooms thereafter. 

"This helps them to achieve the main cause of the activity which is embracing exercise and fitness," he noted.
Immediately after the workout, members gathered for a meal during which they shared moments from the whole gym experience.

 Evelyn Lumonya, a senior member of Forum for Ideas said that having a meal together after the workout is also a custom of the Forum that has existed since the platform’s inception.

"This refresher meal strengthens the forum’s bond and makes us feel like a family. It also helps us learn more especially through sharing the fun and life-changing stories from individuals,” Lumonya explained.

Forum for Ideas is one of the most active student think-tanks at KIU. It aims at promoting intellectual curiosity among students as well as academic excellence.

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