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KIU General News: Bamasaba Cultural Leader Laid to Rest


By Rogers Wanambwa

KIU, Main Campus - His Royal Highness, Umukhuka II Bob Mushikori, the former head of Inzu Ya Masaba who succumbed to COVID-19 earlier last month, was finally laid to rest on January 30, at his ancestral home in Busayi village in Bududa District. 

Mushikori was elected in 2015, replacing Wilson Wamimbi, who was the first cultural head in 2010, but his term expired before he handed over power last month. 

The outgoing Bamasaba cultural leader, Umukuka Bob Mushikori died just days after he was replaced.

Mushikori died on Monday, January 4, 2020, at his home in Senior Quarters, Northern Division, Mbale City. 

Mathias Nabutele, his personal assistant and former deputy premier, confirmed Mushikori’s death.

“It's true he has passed away. He died from his home where he was being attended to by his personal doctor, Mr Dominic Wabuloko who will give a detailed report about the cause of his death,” he said.

Besides, a huge crowd of mourners was present to see off their leader against the police's directive to only have 200 people at the burial grounds.