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KIU Guild Union 2019/2020 Looks Back on Achievements


The Kampala International University (KIU) Students’ Guild Union 2019/2020 looks back on its various achievements in their term of office. It has announced plans for the Student Community this semester including the upcoming Sports’ and Cultural Gala, in light of the upcoming elections that will take place in April 2020. The Guild Government comprises of 37 officials who speak confidently about their term in office.

The KIU Guild President, who is also the Chairperson Guild Presidents’ Association of Uganda and the Speaker Uganda National Students’ Association (UNSA), Moses Ariho, says the KIU Guild Union has done its best to put KIU on the map. He narrates how the officials have on several occasions represented KIU outside its walls.

“It had been on record that KIU had never participated in UNSA before but now KIU is registered in UNSA under the Ministry of Education and has also been recognized in the Guild Presidents’ Association of Uganda,” he assuredly says.

The Guild Union has also organized various seminars including the Dialogue on Western Sahara to discuss the way forward in her liberation from colonialism. The event hosted the Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Kirunda Kivejinja Ali, the Ambassador for Western Sahara, and other officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the KIU Kampala Campus.

“We have also had officials represent KIU at public dialogues at Makerere, and also at the Deans’ Forum in Masaka to discuss a way to bridge the gap between Students, Guild Leaders and the Deans of Students,” he narrates.

Moses also says that despite the challenges they have faced as a government, they have always managed to push through in delivering a great service of leadership to the students’

“Sometimes you may find that funds allocated for students’ activities may not cover all costs in the intended budget, but we somehow manage to collect funds which then help the various offices in the Guild Union to carry out their activities and serve the students,” he explains.

He also further explains that sometimes the low funding can impede plans by the Guild Government to carry out a project on the campus grounds which will last a long time and serve the KIU Community.

Moses continues to say that the Guild Leaders further represented KIU in various conferences including the Global Leadership Summit held at Kampala Serena Conference Centre. He also says a few officials managed to attend a cadetship training in Kyankwanzi and stated his recent participation in The Trek with the President of Uganda H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni whereafter he was awarded a Certificate for Best Performing together with the likes of Gen. Elly Tumwine and other retired officers.

“I also got a handshake from the president as one of the youth leaders in the country, and that highly markets the university because when my name was read, they mentioned me as the Guild President of KIU,” he narrated.

He finally urged the Student Community to strive harder to achieve their goals and disregard all things that make them think they cannot do so.

“I have always referred to myself as the son of a peasant. So it is not about your background, but rather your determination,” he says, “One must always utilize the power of networking to reach their destinations in life.”

The College President for College of Humanities & Social Sciences and student of KIU pursuing a Bachelor's in Public Administration and Management, Kenneth Nyebaza, says the Guild Government has strived to achieve a student-centered leadership.

“I personally prefer to engage with students often because that is where I am more informed,” he says.

He also expressed one of the challenges being that students often demand immediate results and yet everything flows in a system.

“We often tell the students that the administration considered the matter and that the issues are being worked on,” he added.

He concluded that this almost-outgoing Guild Government has done its best to bridge the gap between the students and the administration, but added that the students should be considered in the participation of elections of their Guild President as it would create a stronger rapport.