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KIU Guild Union holds a Two Day Health Camp


The KIU Guild Union in partnership with Norvik Hospital held a two day health camp at the University premises on 5th and 6th February, 2020. The main objective of this program was to increase awareness and coverage of Hepatitis B and Corona Virus and also screen and vaccinate members of the KIU Community.

The Medical Officers were on ground to test, sensitize, screen, and advise members of the KIU Community about the causes, symptoms, and preventive measures for Hepatitis B and Corona Virus.

Pamela Nandaula, a Clinical Officer from Norvik Hospital pointed out that they had had four cases of people who tested positive for the Hepatitis B virus. She added that when one tests positive for Hepatitis B, they are counseled, educated, and requested to take confirmatory tests.

“This was the first camp of its kind as it was open to both the KIU students as well as the general public,” said Ayebare Shibah, the Health Minister of the Guild Union KIU.

According to Shibah, the Health Camp was very successful, as students and staff came out for screening and vaccination of Hepatitis B and Corona Virus. She stated that lecturers as well as other administrative figures took part in the exercise, but the students came out in larger numbers as expected. Both screening and vaccination cost UGX 15,000.