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KIU Guild Union Prime Minister Urges Students to Keep Evolving


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - The Guild Union Prime Minister, Ronald Karuhanga, has urged fellow students to use the festive season to add value to all spheres of their lives. While delivering his End of Year message to the students body on Wednesday, Karuhanga called upon students to use the little time off to expound themselves beyond academic spheres.

Karuhanga, also a member of parliament representing the School of Law in the Guild Union, said that the festive season should be used as an opportunity for self development and exploring heights beyond the academic environment.

"Let's use this little time in the festive season to develop ourselves in all spheres of life. Let it be an opportunity to expound ourselves beyond the academic environment," Karuhanga advised.

"Keep availing yourself with everything that can allow you to evolve. You need to keep evolving for learning never stops," he added.

He also asked students to remain cautious about their lives especially during the festive season characterised by several social events and traveling from one place to another.

"We need to remain cautious about our lives in the festive season. Keep safe and remain on track because you can not graduate when you are terribly sick or even dead at times. So let's continue observing all the guidelines and standard operating procedures provided by the health authorities," he said.

He encouraged students to change their mentality about reading and embrace the power and exposure gained through reading. He said that books have the potential of taking one on a lifetime adventure.

"Reading has the power to take you on an adventure throughout the world. While in the comfort of your seat, reading books will pour the knowledge of great philosophers and through which you can be able to attain the perspective of a great thinker like Plato," he said.

Apart from being a student leader, Ronald Karuhanga is a youth leader at both community and national level.