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KIU Has Also played her part in Women Emancipation


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - As the World recollects to celebrate and embrace women’s day, it is wise to credit everyone who has played a role to uphold the status of women. The overall consensus from different students, Alumni, and stakeholders is that KIU has played a tremendous role to elevate women, especially through her exquisite world-class education.

From staff to student enrolment, KIU’s way of doing things is inexpressibly different and rare. The number of female employees is almost equal to that of the males. Most notably more than half of the University administration is female, something so rare anywhere in the world. When it comes to student enrolment, the figures keep rising each year that comes.

The rate at which the percentage of female graduates increase each year is enough proof that KIU is indeed doing her best to support women education not only in Uganda but also in Africa. Today KIU has the highest number of female admissions compared to the other universities in Uganda. Credit the introduction of the bursary scheme an initiative that has seen so many native girls attain university education.

Apart from her Inclusion of women in administration has a plethora of co-curricular activities that promote girls’ natural talents. The KIU female  Basketball team, ‘The Rangers’ is the biggest female sports team in the University. It has represented the University in the National Basketball league and all the elite members of this team study for free. Other female teams include the Beach Soccer Team, the Woodball Team, and the Athletics Fraternity. It should be noted that all girls that qualify to play for the University teams under different sporting disciplines cease to pay tuition and accommodation dues.

In the area of intellectualism, KIU has one of the best student think tanks that are majorly female members in East Africa. The KIU forum for Ideas is KIU’s biggest and most outstanding student think tank that brings together distinguished students across all schools and colleges to debate issues to do with academics, governance, human rights, and current affairs. Forum for Ideas can only be rivaled by the KIU Debate Club Which is now the best in Uganda as per the 2020 performance. There are several other student societies at KIU that give ladies a chance to express their minds, feelings, and ambitions.

In addition to the above laudable initiatives by the University, the KIU’S Guild Union provides a rare chance for female students to compete with male students for leadership positions in different schools and colleges. Unlike elsewhere in Uganda and perhaps many parts of the Globe, the Guild Union provides a level playing ground for whoever has the potential to prove their worth irrespective of their gender. This saves girls from being marginalized and indeed it is one reason why the current Guild Parliament has more female representation than male.

With the rate of female graduates at KIU increasing each year that passes, there is hope that the issue of rampant female illiteracy rates especially in Uganda will soon be left to history and that many women shall be groomed to take to the same battlefield as men.