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KIU hosts Dr. Margreth Mushi, a Specialist in E-Learning.


In our effort to improve our Distance and E-learning program, we hosted Dr. Magreth Mushi the E-learning project consultant with over 15 years of experience in computer science technical abilities, and a lecturer at Open University of Tanzania and CEO of Tanzania Education and Research Network (TERNET), to share her experience with us.

She expressed the gratitude of being at KIU and appreciated the management for this tremendous step taken in advancing technology at this institution which will help students attain education qualifications from different parts of the world.

E-learning systems enable students to obtain an education through the internet using electronic devices, thereby enabling students to attend classes from anywhere provided they have the technology and access. This will not only help the University but the entire region and the community around.

“We know there are many people who would like to go to University but they are working and others have a lot of responsibilities and thereby blocking the opportunities to go to University. But with programs like this, they can study at their own time because this program is flexible, hence opening opportunities to many people who have not been attaining education because of time,’’ Dr. Magreth Mushi said. 

According to Prof. Tayo Oladiran Arulogun, our Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs, this project will not completely be a total replacement of the traditional means of study, but it will come in slowly. 

He added that the management of KIU has a road map on how this program will move, one of the objectives being cultural transformation by training. There will be programs and resources that will be put in place to help students and staff who are used to the traditional way of study.

This cultural transformation program will go on for a long time so that students and staff can assimilate to this new way of teaching and learning and also change the culture and thinking.

Dr. Magreth said that E-learning is a slow process that cannot be perfected in one day because it involves changing the mindset, changing the culture and putting in place the management that understands the whole program of E-learning, but the trick is starting small and making sure that what you have started works, and then scaling up from there. 

“Despite the challenges that come with the program, if strategies are put in place, navigating through the challenges like delivering audio will be very easy,” she said.