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KIU Hosts International Research and Development Conference


MAIN CAMPUS- The Directorate of Higher Degrees and Research of Kampala International University (KIU) on Wednesday, 18th October officially launched the commencement of the International Research and Development Conference held under the theme: "African Leadership and Development Challenges: The Role of Research, Innovation and New Technology".

The 3 Day academic conference which took place at the main library complex of the University aimed at gathering scholars from across Africa to discuss contemporary African issues, innovations, technologies and challenges, with a view to offer possible African solutions.

Hon. Huda Abason Oleru, the Minister of State for Veteran Affairs commended the initiative of KIU as the leading private University in Uganda for providing a platform that assembled eminent scholars from Universities across East Africa and beyond to brainstorm on critical issues that will promote state governance and economic development and prosperity in the continent.

"Everyone knows we have challenges in Africa. So, who else but universities to come up with solutions? Therefore, it is important that we have such conferences where we come up with solutions to our challenges as Africa," said Hon. Oleru.

KIU Vice Chancellor Prof. Mouhamad Mpezamihigo also noted that the conference’s key role is to bridge the gap between scholars, researchers and the people in community.

"Anyone can identify a problem. As a university, our key role is to generate ideas to solve these problems to attain a prosperous Africa based on sustainable growth," he said.

During his keynote address at the conference, Professor Waswa Balunywa, Director of the Balunywa Foundation and Leadership Academy, emphasized the crucial need for sufficient funding to promote knowledge development in our nation. He underscored the importance of the government allocating resources for research, whether directed towards public or private institutions.

Keynote speakers at the conferences included among others Janice Desire Busingye, Associate Professor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Finance and Administration at KIU, and Dr. Peter Samuels from the Graduate School of Management at Birmingham City University, UK.

The conference put forth recommendations, including the proposal for substantial investments in education across all levels. This involves constructing sufficient infrastructure to establish a supportive foundation for credible and cutting-edge research and innovation. The aim is to adapt to a new educational paradigm aligned with the principles of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.