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KIU Initiates January 2021 intake students


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Students admitted during the January 2021 intake have been fully initiated into the Kampala International University life during an orientation ceremony held in the university main hall today Monday 1st March 2021. The ceremony was presided over by a team of administrators led by the Guest of Honour, Vice-Chancellor Dr Mouhammad Mpezamihigo, and assisted by the students’ leaders.

While talking to the freshmen and women, Dr Mouhammad Mpezamihigo emphasized strict of observance of the Ministry of Health’s guidelines against COVID-19, and encouraged students to ensure safety at all levels in order to finish their academic programs successfully. He stressed that while it is the university’s obligation to safeguard her students, it is every individual’s responsibility and mission to remain safe and alive.

‘’Now that you are lucky the president allowed us to invite you back, we have to move on. We would like you to remain alive. Our mission, your mission, your parents or guardian’s mission is to safeguard you. So you must ensure your own safety too,’’ the Vice-Chancellor said.

He also said that the university will allow first-years to report for physical lectures in order to fully introduce them to the university system.

’’We are staggering other groups but not you first years because you have to be introduced to the university system.’’

Dr. Mpezamihigo urged students to create meaningful connections and relationships for the betterment of their future and life after University. He said that the university is supposed to be something that creates happiness and meaningful freedom.

‘’The reason you are in the university is that you will become universal. So it is better to create meaningful relationships and connections when you are here. Don’t isolate yourself, share ideas and create friends. The university is supposed to be something that creates happiness and freedom,’’ he said.

In his communication, the Guild President promised to provide the new students with all the possible guidance they need, but also urged them to be ready to learn. He said that each one would be personally accountable for their results at the end of their course.

During the orientation ceremony, students led by the university legal advisor took an oath to abide by the university rules and regulations from the orientation date until the day they will graduate from university.

Each student was served a booklet for keeps, containing the rules and regulations and other important information and directions about the KIU Main Campus.