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KIU Internship Series: Henry Wanera Gained People Skills


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-Henry Wanera a finalist in Public Administration did his Internship at KIU, Main Campus where he was deployed to the Directorate of Marketing and Public Relations where he gained several people skills.

Wanera says his time at KIU as an internee has been very rewarding for he was introduced to everything that is expected in the field.

"It was more of working than the kind of internship I had anticipated, everything was hands-on. This is exactly what is expected in the field and I must say, my internship at KIU has been productive though it required both swiftness and flexibility."

"Internship has tremendously changed my mindset, I now know that it's not about the notes we take in lecture rooms, neither is it about sitting in nice chairs but serious work. This has also given me a level of motivation that I had never got anywhere."

"It has turned me into a multipurpose person, capable of doing anything at any time because of a number of activities I engaged in during the last two months."

When asked about the skills he had gained, Wanera did not beat about the bush;

"I have gained several skills here but what stands out are the people skills which I think have turned my life around. I have learned skills like planning, management, Communication, and customer skills," he said.

"I think these are the skills that must make me a better person going forward," he added.

He also admitted that his self-esteem and confidence have greatly improved.

"I got the opportunity to interact with several people on many occasions. I also had a chance to go in the community where I met parents whose children study at KIU which was an amazing experience."

Wanera is looking forward to building on the experience gained during the internship to multiply his value.

"I won't say I've been perfect enough, but I think am now able to undertake any task with limited supervision."