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KIU Internship Series: Internship Exposed me to Work-life Experiences


By Agnes Kiconco

KIU MAIN CAMPUS- As the internship period comes to a close, Shakiri Tumwakire a finalist at Kampala International University (KIU) pursuing a Bachelors in Public Administration narrates her internship experience at the Uganda National Physical Planning Board.

Besides presenting the opportunity to learn valuable skills and contribute to the organization in various ways, Tumwakire revealed how she gained real-world experience at her workplace.

"The internship period was very valuable to me because it offered real-world experience, helping me to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations. It also gave me an insight into my chosen study field, offered networking opportunities, and a chance to develop skills that employers value," said Tumwakire.

Grateful to the university for priotizing these internship periods, Tumwakire also noted that the internship is a great contributor to her growing resume which is a key requirement as she joins and paves her own path through the already competitive workforce after her final semester.

With all these real-world insights and work-life experiences attained during her internship, Tumwakire has had time to make comparisons and evaluations as she readies for her final semester, where she hopes to solidify her knowledge, complete university successfully and graduate.

"It's time to reflect on my academic journey and make the most of my last moments at KIU. It's important to ensure I meet all graduation requirements and consider my next steps, whether that's entering the workforce, pursuing further education, or exploring other avenues related to public administration," Tumwakire said in her final remarks.

As years go by, the economy changes, and with it, the talents, skills, and experience. For one to be part of the fast-paced change, one ought to be open to learning and unlearning various emerging work trends to remain relevant in the workplace.

The job market is competitive, and it can be a tough learning curve for recent graduates. Therefore, such internship opportunities are becoming a key part of the university experience for all students to meet the demand.