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KIU Internship Series: Namuyige Feels Ready to Teach


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus- Sumaiyah Namuyige, currently in her third year of studying Arts in Education, expresses that her internship experience has transformed her into a fully prepared professional, ready to embark on her career journey.

Namuyige did her internship (school practice) at kakungulu Memorial school in Kibuli, Makindye East division, Kampala.

Reflecting on her internship, Namuyige describes it as a resounding success.

"My internship was very successful though I was challenged by the new system, very different from that in our lecture rooms. Remember this was my first time in the field, facing students."

 "I have learned to cooperate with my fellow teachers on top of the very important communication skills especially while relating with the learners.

"Internship also improved my creativity for I was required to think beyond what happens in the normal lecture room. We also had vocational studies which further sharpened my mind."

She however encountered some challenges that ranged from getting used to a new environment to unfavorable weather conditions.

"I encountered some challenges like it took me some weeks to understand my new fellows at the school. Everyone was new to me. I also found it difficult to make it to school at times due to unfavorable weather changes, especially on days when it would rain heavily."

Because of the hands-on training from both the University and internship, Namuyige is now confident enough to find a teaching job.

"I would like to get a job in a school where I can teach part-time since am still studying here at the University. I have gained enough skills and I have hands-on experience on how things run in the field, so there is no reason as to why I shouldn't find a job  to better standard of living."