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KIU Internship Series: Nuwahoora to use Internship Experience for Academic Excellence


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-KIU's Ezra Nuwahoora has admitted that the internship helped him to start appreciating the law more than ever. The fourth-year student of law says his Internship at the National Enterprise Corporation (legal department) presented with him the best learning experience.

During the internship, Nuwahoora was given a chance to visit different departments from where he attained lots of hands-on skills.

"I learned a lot during my internship including drafting, Instituting a case.  I also learned to write contracts."

I got an opportunity to learn and attend court sessions though not often. It is here that I was introduced to the code of conduct for counsel, client -advocate relationship (especially confidentiality)."

 "I learned many things through my Supervisor. I really thank her so much."

Nuwahoora describes his Interniship as the best of the kind.

"My internship experience was the best of its kind because the staff and working environment at the National Enterprise Corporation (NEC) UPDF was supportive to me."

"I experienced a lot, from handling affairs like management, quorum, procedural matters, code of conduct at work, and Discipline at the workplace.  I learned skills to do with good customer care while handling clients."

"I want to take this opportunity to thank the management of National Enterprise Corporation for allowing me to learn from their qualified personnel. These include Mr. Mukombozi Daniel (Corporation Secretary), Mrs. Akantorana Kash (Litigation Manager and the same time my Supervisor, Mr. Rwabwiizi Francis- Legal Officer, Ms. Anna(Secretary).

Because of the conducive environment backed by teamwork and the parent-like care, he received during the internship, Nuwahoora says, life was smooth throughout and did not register any challenge.

 He is confident that the experience of the internship will help him to better his performance this semester. He is looking forward to applying for a job in the same company that offered him an internship placement.

"The skills I gained, will help me to appreciate the law in my last Semester which can even help to me get good Marks this semester. I will try to do more practice on drafting than ever."

 "I have to read hard to understand the whole jurisprudence and approach the legal profession to its maximum so that I can join the NEC staff after my Education because they treated me well."

"I want to thank the whole team of NEC UPDF for giving me this opportunity  to experience this life for two months (June to August)."