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KIU Kicks Off University Football League with Determination


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - The KIU football team commenced this season's University Football League with a spirited effort, despite a narrow 1-0 loss to Busitema University on Saturday 23rd, 2023.

Coach Geofrey Akabwai remains optimistic about the team's potential, believing they deserved better from Saturday's performance.

The match played on Saturday, was closely contested, with both teams creating numerous scoring opportunities. However, it was not until the 64th minute that Simon Bukenya found the back of the net, securing Busitema's victory.

Despite the heart-wrenching loss, KIU's coach, Geoffrey Akabwai, showered praise on his team, especially considering that many of the players were new to the league.

"The team performed admirably, especially considering that most players are experiencing this league for the first time. They showed great determination," Akabwai commented after the match.

"We had several clear scoring chances that we failed to convert, and our defense momentarily switched off, leading to Busitema's free-kick that resulted in a goal," he added.

With this competitive game providing Coach Akabwai valuable insights, he now knows what adjustments to make before the second game in October and throughout the season.

"We're going back to the drawing board, rectifying our mistakes, and working closely with our strikers to prepare for the next match," he stated confidently.

There have been complaints about a Busitema University player not appearing in the player album, potentially impacting the match's outcome. However, any resolution to this matter lies with the University League Committee, which will investigate and decide accordingly.