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KIU Law Clinic Partners With Howard University


KIU, Main Campus - On 27th February 2020, the KIU Law Society, in conjunction with KIU Law Clinic, attained a partnership with Howard University and hosted Hawa Wehelie, Director Clinical Legal Education Project of Mogadishu University in Somalia.

Olugbenga Oke-Samuel, Head of KIU Law Clinic, considers it a privilege for the KIU Law Clinic to partner with Howard University as this will boost the collaboration between the two law clinics thereby posing a great advantage to KIU.

The President KIU Law Society, Moses Osiya, believes that due to the above opportunity, KIU also gets an opportunity to be part of the launching of Mogadishu Law Clinic.

He adds that through the launch, KIU is going to hold a training session for the law students, hence benefiting the KIU Law Community.