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KIU Law Dinner: Young Lawyers Asked to Uphold Legal Ethics and Discipline


By Deborah Akunyo

KIU, Main Campus- Hon. Justice Chibita the Chairperson Judicial Training Institute (JTI) Governing Council and a member of the supreme court of Uganda has asked students to allocate time accordingly but give priority to what matters most. He alluded to the biblical adage that there's always time for everything and one should be patient and wait for the right time. He said this during the KIU Law Dinner held at Skyz Hotel Naguru on Friday 13th April 17, 2023.

"Wherever you are always try to build bridges and not walls but also look for opportunities where you can volunteer to gain experience, " he said.

He also urged the students not to prolong the inevitable aspects like marriage because it's important.

Phionah Wall an alumnus and former patron of the law society also formerly the president of Uganda law society was a key note speaker. In her message to the lawyers, Wall emphasized the need to learn different languages as it carries weight in the job market.

‘’Never discredit an opportunity to learn a new language, especially the main international languages. This can open doors in the current job market,’’ she said.

But most importantly, strive to maintain discipline, ethics, and integrity as soon as you become law practitioners," she added.

Claire Amanya Rukundo founder of Amanya Advocates and Solicitors encouraged the students to avoid toxic people in the course of their studies.

"Females go through a lot of sexual harassment at LDC so be vigilant when you get there," she warned.

The law dinner also featured the swearing-in ceremony of the new president-elect of the law society Jonathan Areeba who took his oath to officially assume office representing Reagan David Kaddu.

The law dinner is a customary annual ceremony for the KIU law society and it always brings together students in the school law and members of the legal fraternity to celebrate and bid farewell to finalists. This year’s dinner was quite unique since it had so many activities therein.