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KIU law school goes to polls to choose New leaders


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus- Law students at KIU are voting for the next executive in a highly contested election that began at exactly 9:AM in the morning despite disruption from the early morning downpour.

This is one of the most heavily guarded elections in the history of the KIU law Society with each candidate presenting atleast two agents to monitor the situation. And the ballot papers spent a night at Kabalagala police station before they were picked up by the electoral Commission team earlier this morning.

Jonathan Areeba and Pius Kiyemba are vying for the KIU law Society presidency in a bid to replace President Reagan David Kaddu whose term has expired.

The candidates have spent the last two weeks campaigning and it is today that they expect to surely reap big from all their efforts.

Voting, according to the electoral Commission will close at exactly 4 PM EAT and counting shall start immediately.