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KIU Law Society Finance Minister Endorses Calvin for President


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Rashidah Kanyesigye, the outgoing Finance Minister of the KIU Law Society, has fronted Calvin Muwanguzi to take over from Raymond Aliga as President of the Society. She said that he carries the best hopes for the legal fraternity at KIU.

Kanyesigye is convinced that there isn't any other candidate worthy, and that Calvin Muwanguzi is the only one capable of taking the Law Society to the heights of excellence.

"He has been supporting us in different activities that we have been doing for example during car wash which facilitated moots, aerobics and other activities yet he held no position. How about if he is entrusted with such authority?" she remarked.

"During my term of office, I have been able to observe that every law student matters and that Calvin is a proponent of this. He wants all law students to be equal irrespective of class and that's why we have been helping lower classes," she added.

She called upon students to be very careful, cautious and objective while choosing the next bunch of leaders of the KIU Law Society. 

"This is the only way we can change the affairs in our society and help it to realize more success in the next one year," Kanyesigye noted.

The electoral commission of the KIU Law Society is still welcoming qualified prospects for the different positions. According to the road map released by the same commission, voting will take place on 4th February 2022, two days after the much anticipated presidential debate.