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KIU Law Society Joins Moslem Students Association to Restore Hope in Luuka

KIU, Main Campus- On Saturday, March 9th, 2024, the KIU Law Society and the KIU Moslem Students Association came together to extend a helping hand to the residents of Waibuga sub-county in Luuka district.

Their generous donations included food, scholastic materials, and sanitary pads, with the noble goal of giving back to the community and uplifting the spirits of those in need within Waibuga sub-county.

"We mostly concentrated on the needy Moslem Community in Waibuga subcounty which has three mosques," said Nazil Mugumya, the speaker of KIU Law Society who also doubles as vice chairperson of KIU Moslem Students Association.

Mugumya disclosed that 2000 people selected by the sub-county chairperson benefited from the donation meant for the Muslim Community while the other part of the donation went to 20 families which were found to be in dire need especially those that had children at Busiro secondary school.

"The 20 families that were badly off were given each a dozen of books, pens and pencils. We also gave them 10 kilograms of rice and five kilograms of Posho each," he said.

"For the 2000 at the Mosque, each one took two kilograms and a pair of clothing," he added.

The chairperson of Waibuga sub-county, Hajji Salim Kayongo expressed gratitude and thanked KIU for producing students who embrace humanity.

He encouraged parents to utilize the KIU bursary scheme which he said is meant to help the financially challenged but bright children to attain University Education.

Why Did They Choose Luuka?

“Luuka is really badly off, the situation is wanting. Before embarking on going to Luuka, we carried out a needs assessment through which we discovered that people there really needed our hand," Mugumya explained.

"Besides that, Some of our members come from this place. It was easy for us to coordinate and indeed we never had any challenges since we had ears on the ground."

"The other reason was to give back to the Muslim community in Luuka especially considering that we are in Ramadan though they were also our primary target," he concluded.