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KIU Law Society Presidential Debate Tops Charts Today



By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - The KIU Law Society Presidential contestants will today lock horns in a ground-breaking debate, "test of intellectual supremacy". The debate scheduled to take place at 2pm local time is expected to give law students a better judgement of who is actually the best candidate between Reagan David Kaddu and Calvin Mwahuzi.

Today's intellectual encounter comes only three days to the date when the lawyers will choose their next president, Friday 4th February 2022, and few days after the tension between the two camps gained incredible momentum following a series of counter accusations, petitions and melodrama.

Calvin's camp accused Kaddu of undermining the Guild Union and Law Society's constitutions on the legality of fourth year students to contest, a case he has since won in court following a petition by Calvin's counsel.

However, the rest of the students are not so concerned about the melodrama and counter accusations. What they need is to see the best candidate prove his worth intellectually and through their manifestos.

"I expect the candidates to show a heart for the Law Society. I want to see where they want to lead us. My biggest concern is what new things they are planning to do for the mighty KIU Law Society," Sheila Muheki, former General Secretary for the KIU Law Society said.

"I expect today's debate to be very hot and I think Calvin will emerge winner because he is the man of ideology," said one law student who sought anonymity.

"We expect the two candidates to show students how they intend to run the office, and by that we shall be able to see the one fit for the position. My candidate is ready and he is the right candidate. We expect nothing but the best from him and of course I hope he will come out of the debate as the winner," said Mustafa Abdul, a fourth year student of law.

"I expect candidates to disclose their manifestos in detail. My candidate, Calvin is capable of changing alot. He is a man who stands on his word," said Dawson Kanakulya.

"We are getting a leader not a ruler, and Kaddu is a capable man. He has been in moots, has made an application for all law students to access notes, and what is left is him to prove his worth today," added Wanda Moses.

By the time of compiling this article, different law students had started preparing vuvuzela's and songs that they will sing while escorting their candidates to the debate venue.