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KIU Law Students Are Voting New Leaders



By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Voting has opened at KIU main campus as lawyers seek to entrust new leaders with powers to move their beloved association, the KIU Law Society, forward in the year 2022-2023. Voting started at 9am and will close at 5pm.

Today's exercise started with the KIU Law Society Electoral Commission Chairperson, Shafic Tumusiime, briefing election officials and candidates agents on their responsibilities , the requirements for one to vote as well as the rules governing the election.

He called upon election officials to be vigilant and objective as they execute their responsibilities in today's poll. Tumusiime said that it is knowing their job and observing the highest level of objectivity and integrity that will see election officials finish the day with out disputes from various candidates.

"You must be so vigilant in your job and remember to maintain the highest level of objectivity because all eyes are on you today. This is the only way we can deliver a violent free election," he remarked.

He also asked the election officials to be very keen and observant on the requirements one needs to cast their vote.

"Make sure that the person going to cast the vote is a law student. Apart from a school Identity card or green card, one's name must appear on the registration list. I request you to please be very keen on these things," he said.

The turn up was small by the time polling opened but it is expected to gain momentum in the mid morning hours since most students had moved in for lectures as early as 8am.