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KIU Law Students Face Off in 2022 Moot Tournament



By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - The much awaited KIU moot competition is finally underway at the university's ultimate court room. This year's tournament runs on the theme, "Acquire the Closest Experience of a Court Room."

Coordinators of different law firms competing in this year's moot court tournament have vowed to produce the best ever court room experience in KIU. With each one setting their eyes on the crown, there is no room for doubts on what the lawyers in making have in stock.

There are three law firms competing in the moot championship and they include, Fatou Bensouda Maraga and Company Advocates, and Kanyaihamba and Company Advocates Limited. Each of these has a coordinator who is in charge of organising the participants and ensuring the team wins the intellectual challenge.

Norman Nuwasiima, the coordinator of Fatou Bensouda and Company Advocates is confident that his team will take it all given their pedigree in the tournament both internal and externally.

"We are up for the task and no one should lie to you that there is a firm better than Fatou Bensouda. No one, look we have been the best both in and outside KIU," he said.

Nicholas Agaba, Coordinator Kanyaihamba and Company Advocates, said that his team has had enough preparation to beat any one who puts a challenge. He said that they are coming into this year's tournament hoping for nothing less than victory.

"We have had enough training and preparations and I will assure you that my members are set to bring victory home," Agaba said.

Maraga's Justice Ochieng said that his record of not being defeated in every competition he goes for will still stand in this moot challenge.

"I am undefeated and I don't think that will be erased soon. We are up for the task and I am sure we are taking this one too. But also we know that this is a learning experience that we are not taking for granted," Ochieng said.

"We respect every one in the tournament and I am very sure the best team will eventually win," he added.

The moot competition will go on up to Friday 18th February 2022 when the winners shall be announced.