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KIU Law Students Prepare for Long-Awaited Dinner

By Nicole Munezero

KIU, Main Campus- Law Students have begun preparing themselves for their   Dinner which will take place this Friday 7th April 2023 at Skyz Hotel in Naguru Kampala. The speaker of the Parliament of Uganda is expected to be the guest of honor, according to the leadership of the KIY Law Society.

A law dinner is an annual event organized by the School of Law and the Law Society, mainly to bid farewell to finalists and bring law students, legal experts, and others together. Kampala. Students from other colleges are always invited to witness how lawyers lead their lives.

This year's law dinner is quite unique as it will encompass a number of activities. According to Hillary, the minister of Finance in the KIU Law Society, the dinner which is aimed at bringing people together to develop friendship and as well their social network will feature a handover ceremony for the law society leadership.

“Within the same party there will be a swearing-in ceremony for the incoming law society cabinet 2023-2024,” he said.

Several law students have since last week stormed shops in Kansanga and in the Kampala City Center in search of the best outfit for the long-awaited party.

The entry fee to the dinner party is 100,000Ugshs for singles, 180,0000Ugshs for Couples and a table will be 500,000Ugshs.

More fun, food, and drinks will be available and in plenty for the people who will attend. The dinner dress code is being emphasized for everyone who will make it.