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KIU Law Week; Day Two


Armed with skills and knowledge passed on from the commencement of the KIU Law Week 2020 yesterday, the KIU Law Week continued today, February 11, 2020, with a dive into a public awareness campaign in which the students participated in spreading awareness and offering free legal aid to both the KIU Community and surrounding areas.

Later on, Sandra Oryoma, Head of Legal Aid at the Public Interest Law Clinic (PILAC), passed on communication to the participating students.

PILAC of the School of Law at Makerere University, in January 2012, was the first Clinic to be established at a University in Uganda. PILAC seeks to promote hands-on experiential learning as well as exposing students to ‘live’ cases of individuals who have been confronted by the law in its varied manifestations.

Joseph Anguria, a Community Development Specialist, was invited as Guest of Honor to officially commemorate the Counselling session for the students to thereby offer Legal counseling service to the community.