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KIU Mass Communication Students Association Revamped

By Isaac Akugizibwe.

KIU, Main Campus- After being inactivitive for some time due to the effect caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the KIU Mass communication association is making a great return. A series of meetings by passionate Mass communication students has now formed an inaugural committee that will lead the revamping of the once most active students association at KIU.

A meeting held on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 resolved that the association be reinstated. The same meeting agreed to form a 16 member committee whose main duty will be to lead the association back to its lost glory. The committee will be led by Titus Momekam as acting president, Emmanuel Kabanda and Ketra Kisitu as speaker and secretary reactively.

After being confirmed president, Titus Momekam said that they will start with a weekly news bulletin for KIU TV and a weekly newsletter.

“We shall have a weekly newsletter and a bulletin for KIU TV as our initial starting point," Titus said.

He also stressed that he will do all it takes to avoid the mistakes done by previous regimes so that it becomes the most successful association in the University.

"We shall not repeat the mistakes of past regimes. I hope we can turn things around and make Mass communication sound once more," He added.

Mass Communication students association is an academic association that unites all students pursuing Mass communication from certificate to degree level. It is headed by the department of journalism and media studies.