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KIU NRM Chapter Cleans Up Kansanga


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Members of the KIU NRM Chapter last weekend took part in a cleaning drive in Kansanga, in one of their community outreach programs.

On Sunday, May, 29th, the group engaged in sweeping roads and trenches as well as picking and collecting rubbish from Kansanga to Nabutiti in the company of Nabutiti police officers.

They set off from the University's main compound, moved along the main Street of Kansanga town before moving on to Nabutiti.

The President of the KIU NRM Chapter, Bosco Praise Tumuramye said that the community cleanup exercise was a give back to the community that has ensured the survival of KIU in several aspects. He said that apart from accommodating over 90% of the KIU students, Kansanga is home to Uganda's leading private university.

"We wanted to give back to the community. Kansanga is home to many of our students. It is also a home base for KIU. Our University is the best and it is located in Kansanga which we must appreciate," Tumuramye said.

He added that the community outreach was also meant to demonstrate the fact that the KIU NRM Chapter is not only a political association but also a students body that advocates for the well-being of society.

"We desire to live in a society that is free from germs and filth," he noted.

Juliet Mayanja, a landlady and resident of Sebuliba zone in Kansanga expressed gratitude towards the NRM Chapter members for cleaning a trench behind her house. She said that they had saved her from the burden of having to plead with residents to clean the trench.

"I want to thank KIU first for bringing these students to us, then the NRM people for this wonderful spirit. They have really done great work," Mayanja explained.

Jameson Kateeba, another landlord in Nabutiti was so pleased with the students that he offered to take two of his tenants, who are KIU students and members of the NRM chapter, to dinner as a token of thanks.

Since the swearing-in of Tumuramye in April, the Chapter has embarked on massive mobilization and establishment of several projects that have increased their visibility in the Campus and beyond.

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