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KIU NRM Chapter Leaders Inducted


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - A total of over 200 students under the KIU NRM Chapter were fully introduced to the norms of the National Resistance Movement party on Wednesday 7th April,2021. The induction, that took place at Almaz Restaurant inside the KIU main campus, aimed at making the chapter executive to fully fit and embrace the party's ideology.

While talking to inductees, Assistant Commissioner National Guidance in the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, J.J. Bakalikwira, urged young people to embrace the NRM ideology and work towards achieving the party's long term vision irrespective of political bias. He said it is only the NRM ideology that is inclusive enough to improve the lives of all Ugandans irrespective of their cultural and social diversity.

"All of you need to embrace the NRM ideology for it is what will help you understand why it exists. This ideology is not segregative. Understanding the ideology alone will help you understand the structure, organs and their roles in the party," Bakalikwira said.

He also encouraged the inductees to propagate the NRM ideology and the national vision (Vision 2040) into the masses.

"It is suicidal to leave the chapter and only go to sleep. We need to propagate the vision and ideology of the party and that can only be achieved when we are united. Without unity,we shall not transform this country," he emphasized.

Another honorary guest that graced the event was Col. Aheebwa Nelson, the Principal Staff Officer at the National Partriotism Secretariat. He encouraged the inductees to be disciplined and partriotic in order to live in harmony. He tasked them to emulate the discipline exhibied by the National Army, UPDF.

"I urge you to be patriotic and disciplined enough to keep the NRM vision in motion but most importantly for you to live in harmony. Look at the UPDF today,it is a disciplined people's Army. It is that discipline that has kept us with the people of Uganda. Let's love our country Uganda," Aheebwa said.

Other important guests during the induction, were the National Youth Council Chairman, Jacob Eyeru and Byaruhanga Reagan Collins, the Chairman for National Council of Inter-university NRM chapters. Eyeru urged the NRM Chapter to engage with the National Youth Council in order to gain more visibility and synergy in terms of liberation and naturing the youth.

The KIU NRM Chapter President, H.E. Tumuramye Bosco, thanked the NRM Secretariat for supporting him and promised to do all that is possible to make the chapter greater than it is. He also commended the University for giving students a conducive environment to exercise patriotism, leadership and also to learn about the organization of society practically.