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KIU NRM Chapter President Decries Increasing Teenage Pregnancies, Preaches Hope


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU Main Campus - Bosco Tumuramye, the president of the KIU NRM chapter has expressed his concern about the increasing number of teenage pregnancies in Uganda as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Talking to this website in a virtual interview, Tumuramye, also the youth chairperson for Kabira sub-county in Mitooma district said that girls, including students, are increasingly going astray in the lockdown, and many have conceived in the past few months. 

"I have been trying to engage several youths in the country in the lockdown but to my dismay, I have learned that many young people are going astray. Shockingly, many young ladies have become pregnant in this lockdown," Tumuramye, a finalist student of Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management said.

He added that this is because many young people are losing hope quickly and no longer care about what the future holds for them, but he advised them not to take their lives for granted. 

"Young people are increasingly losing hope, especially in the past few months. As a result many of them are doing activities that put their lives in danger. I would like to advise you my fellow students and young people that life supercedes happiness, comfort and everything. Do not take your lives for granted," he said.

He acknowledged the fact that COVID-19 affected everyone globally, calling upon everyone else not to lose hope for the whole world is fighting to end the virus.

"I want to blame no one for this prevalence apart from individuals who have failed to survive with the uncertainty. This pandemic is worldwide. So don't think the world is leaving you behind, things will get better soon," he said.

Tumuramye also warned students against complacency with the COVID-19 pandemic prevention procedures as directed by the ministry of health. He noted that many people are now back to their normal lives even without being vaccinated.

"The prevailing situation in the country should not make us complacent, the enemy is still strong and around. Let us keep the masks on, wash hands regularly and avoid crowds,” he advised.

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