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KIU Overcomes STV in a Thrilling Football Encounter


By Deborah Akunyo

KIU, Main Campus-KIU's Students of Mass Communication came from two goals down to beat STV in a friendly match played in front of an endearing crowd at KIU's football ground on Saturday afternoon.

Organized by the Mass communication students Association (MACOSA) Saturday's friendly match sought to establish a special relationship between the department of journalism, the mass communication Students association, and STV.

According to Arnold Mutations, the match also intended to have students interact with talents from STV.

"We organized this match to bring the people in the media field closer to the students. We sought to create a bridge between the students and media house as well as the professionals there," Mutatina said.

"This match also aimed at marketing the University and showing that mass communication exists therefore I call upon the school administration to extend help to these events, he added.

Though STV took the lead in the first half, KIU never showed any sign of giving up with the crowd cheering in unison and endlessly prompting the fun selectors to lose focus at times. Indeed, the home team was better in everything by halftime minus the score.

KIU returned with maximum poise in the second half scoring an equalizer at the first kick sending the fans into frenzy. Salim Kato's curling strike from the center arc brought not only hope but self-belief to the team that had wasted so many chances in the first half through poor finishing.

Kato's goal was followed by three other magnificent goals crafted out of extraordinary displays that saw the crowd including the opponents amassed into absolute wonder coupled with the melody of the Vuvuzela by some Mass Communication Students who gathered at the left end of the pavilion.

Kato dedicated the win to his beloved deceased friend Kakuma Binasali and attributed their victory to the rigorous training they had had prior to the match.

“We were too organized and we believed in ourselves and it is the early organization and the supporters who made us win," he said.

 "Scoring is a normal thing for me in a match and for today’s goal, it's a dedication to my deceased friend Kakuma Binasali who was also a member of the team," the sensational finisher added.

According to the Coach of the mass communication team, Van Vason Ouma matches like this help him to improve his prestige and he feels proud when he secures a win, and that it is a way to gain courage as a coach and create relationships with important people.

"It was a good chance to play with the STV staff team and as a coach, it has helped me to build on my courage and prestige and I will use this experience to train for the next match because we like winning as coaches and we feel proud when we win," he said.

Some STV fans were seen leaving before the end of the final whistle for they couldn't help seeing their team reduced to tourists on the pitch.

STV team coach Shakul Simbwa said they would have performed better if they had had enough time to prepare.

“The match was too solid that the liquids didn’t fall, and the turn-up was good due to the mobilization and interaction between the teams but why we lost the game is because we didn’t have enough time to train due to the tight schedules and responsibilities we had at the station," he said.

The final whistle was marked by wild celebrations with the scorecard reading 4-2 in favor of the home team.

 Alokit Jenifer one of the organizers of the event thanked all that contributed and was grateful for the support extended by the University administration, the department of journalism and media studies as well as the students at large.

The team has promised to showcase more of their talents as they intend to organize many other matches and plan to hold another one next week.