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KIU Partners with GHSO for Staff Training Workshop


KIU, Main Campus - On 28th February 2020, Kampala International University (KIU) in partnership with Global Human Salvage Organization (GHSO) conducted a training workshop for KIU staff members, under the theme; "Discover The Leader In You." This took place at the Senate Boardroom at Iddi Basajjabalaba Memorial Library (IBML). 

The session was facilitated by Dr Mahmoud Zayed, a Sales Consultant and also the Director of Learning and Development at GHSO, one of the largest database companies in the world.

The purpose of the workshop was to enable the University staff members to discover the leaders in them. 

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the KIU Western Campus, Professor Patrick Kyamanywa, appreciated the staff from both western and main campus for attending the event.

He said that such workshops ensure sharing of a compelling vision for the university. He hopes that such workshops will continue to be organised to empower leaders as facilitators of performance.

"A leader who understands innovation, freedom of expression, welcomes new ideas, and is willing to challenge the status quo is a good leader for an organization," he said.

Dr Mahmoud based his discussion on effective leadership and emphasised that one should always be in position to differentiate between a leader and a boss. It takes a leader to have a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset.

"A growth mindset is willing to learn everything. However, a fixed mindset is always satisfied with what they already have," he added.

He also said that growth leaders are honoured with efficiency, and readily accept feedback either negative or positive.