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KIU Promotes Talents Through the Inter-Faculty Soccer Games


For the last six years, KIU has organised the Inter-Faculty Soccer Games, where different faculties experience the joy that comes with being the bull of the game.

These games are important because as the saying goes, "Work without play makes jack a dull boy". Most students take part in the games for fun and recreation, and others to take a break from the daily study routine.

This therefore explains why most students eagerly look forward to these games with excitement.

Some students participating in the games expressed their incredibly amazing reasons for participation. 

Solimo Tyson, a 2nd year Law student at KIU, believes that these games promote a sense of togetherness among the students since most students are able to engage in team-work based games.

Akampa Grace, a  3rd year student from the College of Education also stated that, " these games keep me occupied and help me to develop my talents." 

When asked to predict who the overall winner would be, she happily stated that, "Once a winner, always a winner," and so she is hopefully looking forward to 'slaughtering' another goat for School of Education come Sunday evening.

"Something has changed in this year's games, there has been fair picking of players and many new talented players have been given a chance to show it to the world," Eselu Allan says.

Besides Kampala International University being known for its rich cultural diversity, these games are another way of strengthening the bond among students from the various colleges and nationalities. This clearly explains the university's motto; Exploring The Heights.